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Dubai Abu Dhabi Job Advice Zimbabwean

Guide & Advice on jobs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

As a Zimbabwean based in UAE, below are my empirical findings, which may help Zimbabwean prospective job seekers in UAE

1. Teaching jobs: The relevant ministry usually recruits foreign expats (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, and South Africa). You need to be registered with the education body in those countries. Teachers from Zimbabwe may be fortunate to get some jobs in private schools. Remember, government school teachers are paid way more than private school teachers. Couple of Zimbabweans and Indians have been getting some jobs but chances are 1 in a million.

2. Nursery schools: These are available for ladies who have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in ECD or special needs as well as any related bachelor’s degree. there is a UK course called cache 3 and this one sells like hot cakes. jobs in this field are “easily” accessible in Abu Dhabi than Dubai.

3. Truck drivers: Asians dominate most of the jobs. it is a no for a prospective Zimbabwean job seeker. it pays more to work in sub-Saharan region than come here.

4. Taxi Drivers: This job is tedious, but a couple of Zimbabweans are working in this field. most of them were recruited directly from Harare and it’s rare to be employed directly from this end. nationalities include Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Nepalese, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Ugandans, Sudanese, Kenyans, few Nigerians, Ghanaians, etc. Zimbabweans with South African driver’s license do not need to go for re-test but they only get it translated. I highly recommend someone to come with a south African driver’s license. (I came here with Zimbabwean driver’s license and international driver’s license but still had to go through the lengthy process called golden-chance, which encompasses theory and road test.

5. Security guards: This job is demeaned in Africa but people who work in this industry have an advantage in that: they get free transport to and from work, free accommodation, free medical aid and annual air tickets.

6. Cleaners: They may be the least paid, but they have free transport to and from work, free accommodation, free medical aid and annual air tickets.

7. Maids/Nannies: You may mistakenly think of this job as an inferior job, but these are actually comfortable and some are even paid well depending on the employer. if they are fortunate to find a good employer, they have no transport cost as they stay with employer, free accommodation, medical aid and annual air tickets. sometimes if your bosses are globe-trotters, they’ll tag you along which is an extra benefit to see the world. You may have time to focus on your studies during your free time, upgrade in preparation of a better tomorrow.
8. Working hours: May be six days for private employers. the week stretches from Sunday to Thursday but for private companies Saturday may be a working day. There is freedom of worship and the government acknowledges other people’s religion asi kwete kuzouya waakunamatira mutown, mumall kana mustreet muchiimba huyai mose…lol…unoswera wapinda mujail. kana uri chidhakwa, kuno you need a drinking license. However, people still freely drink zvavo asi ukazopinda mutsaona zvinokuipira. ko kungorisiya doro racho zvakaipei nhai?

9. Hospitality industry: For those who studied tourism and hospitality. however, anyone can get the job especially front desk, receptionist, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, cleaners (general hand). this industry is okay but do not expect exorbitantly hefty remuneration especially if it’s not a managerial position.

10. Aviation/Airline: for those who completed apprenticeship Kuair Zimbabwe. They stand a chance to get a job kuetihad, emirates or fly Dubai. Zimbabweans dominate these airlines and they represented the flag high very well.

11. Cabin crew: this is for those who seemingly look like models, still have age on their side and with a minimum of a-level passes. they may have a chance to see the world. you may apply directly on their websites. create a profile and upload relevant documents.

12. Pilots: Few Zimbabweans are even flying some of the prestigious bird’s airbus a380.

13. DNATA: They also recruit some Zimbabweans and it is a target company

14. HVAC technicians and IT (systems administrators): The market is flooded by other nationalities that are willing and ready to accept any money due to flooded jobseekers. it’s a no for me.

15. IT jobs: I personally think it is more lucrative in SA than in uae.

16. boiler maker/fitter and turner: the jobs in this industry are difficult to come by.

17. Theme parks: Zimbabweans have done very well in this industry particularly in companies like Ferrari world, warner bros, Yas water world (Farrah), IMG worlds of adventure, Dubai parks and resort (DXB entertainment), Motion gate Dubai, Legoland Dubai; Wild wadi waterpark; global village; aqua venture waterpark; Bollywood parks dubai; aventura parks, etc. it should be one of your target markets. stalk their websites.

18. Health and Safety: I highly recommend those who are into health and safety. chances of securing jobs are very high. you need to have a UK course offered by Nebosh.

19. Jobs in malls: jobs like till operators, shop assistants, are congested by Filipinos and they have stamped authority in this category. dominated by Filipinos, Arab speakers (Egypt, Tunisia, morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Ethiopia, Yemen, etc. however, of late, a supermarket giant like carrefour has been employing Ugandans.

20. Secretarial Jobs/Receptionist/ HR assistant/ Administrator/ Assistant: for HR assistant you need to familiarize with UAE labor laws.

21. Procurement and logistics: worth trying for people with CIPS, procurement and logistics, supply chain management qualifications.

22. Business development executive: usually involves marketing and generating more business. hectic but a good starting point.

23. Telemarketing; Call center & Medical secretary. there are opportunities in these sectors, especially for the ladies with relevant qualifications and experience.

24. Banking jobs: do not come expecting to work as bank teller, back office, etc. the jobs you can land on are the salesperson where you’ll be selling credit cards. selling a credit card to someone is like selling a stone especially if you can’t speak arabic. it’s a no for me. however, if you are a banking specialist, you stand a good chance to get a paying job. but you still need uae experience.

25. Machine Operator: forklift/cranes/ truck drivers; ac technician. these are flooded with Pakistanis, Bengalis. the salaries are low in these fields.

26. Sales jobs: are all over but you work to the last breath. sometimes you are required to have a driver’s license. this job may be easy to come by but it’s tedious, you may not close deals and it’s a no for me.

27. VAT specialists/accountants: if you have a finance degree accompanied by CIMA, ACCA you stand a good chance, but it’s not guaranteed. vat was introduced last year (1st January 2018).

28. Lifeguards & fitness trainers: jobs are also available, where you are there to monitor guests at a swimming pool or at the beach to avoid accidents. it means unofanira kugona chamunyurududu. for fitness trainers, you can work in gyms and if you are smart you may be contracted privately by individuals who need to stay fit.

29. Firefighters: most of them were hired directly from Zimbabwe or south Africa. you need to keep trying.

30. Labor broking: once in uae, avoid getting a job via an agent coz you will be sharing your salary into two. you may be working same job but the one who is directly employed by the company may earn more money than the one who secured it via an agent.

31. Walk-in-interviews: these have higher chances of securing the job especially if the applicant has a good cv, is confident, eloquent and has high intelligence quotient (iq).

32. Application timings: late April to August may not be ideal based on the UAE calendar plus it will be hot to move around dropping cvs).

Links: you may try to scout the following links:

however, it’s more advisable to join whatsapp groups where you get more updates


Just know that everything has a starting point. if you were a manager in zimbabwe, come with an open mind. be ready to accept anything depending on your level of desperation. for those who are applying while back in africa, do not fall victim of bogus agents who promise you a ridiculously higher salary + benefits. they sometimes ask for money to process visa. be on the lookout. genuine agents do not ask for money. for most people, all you need is a starting point, once you get the 6 month – 1 year uae experience, then you can start applying elsewhere.

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