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Renewing Extending UAE visas

All types of visit visas can be extended for 30 days twice without the need to leave UAE & to get the 90 days either applicant use Dubai/ Sharjah Airport to do visa change or can opt for without exiting inside country visa with status change facility. Visa over stayers who do not renew or get new visa will have to pay 300 AED for the first day and AED100 fine for each day of their overstay, to be calculated from 10 days after the visa expiry (Which is 10 days grace period)

Extending Your VisaAll Inclusive Rates
30 Days Extension314 USD
30 Days Inside Country559 USD
90 Days Inside Country678 USD
30 Days Airport to Airport (Visa Change)368 USD
90 Days Airport to Airport (Visa Change)443 USD

The documents needed to Extending your stay in UAE

  • Existing UAE visa copy
  • Entry Stamp, exit stamp or previous boarding pass
  • Applicant’s electronic colored photograph
  • Applicant’s colored passport copy (must be valid for six months) by Scanning machine
  • If the applicant friend or relation living in UAE and their residence visa page

Email it to

Airport to Airport Visa Change
Visa change package is suitable for who need to change the existing visit visa to a new visa the on same day. The advantage of visa change package is help you to save money & giving a chance not to exit Zimbabwe. Through the visa change process, the you do not need to wait for long to get the visa approved. Makchester Tours & Travel in association with major airlines serving with best possible options in Dubai & Sharjah

Advantages of Visa Change Package from Makchester Tours & Travel

    • Express Check-In at Airport at around 8-9 AM to process the visa & your exit stamp given even your flight timings are different
    • Avoid Long Queues & get your exit as fast as you can
    • No Additional Airport Charges
    • Return Boarding Pass during the check in (Subject to Airlines)


Note: Also read our Terms & Conditions. Please also note that reentry into the UAE is subject to immigration approval & it may delay due to security check

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